All Auto Customs Interior Services

Interior Services

At All Auto Customs we can offer you a variety of interior services. Such services are:

Cleaning/Dyeing-Cleaning-Just cleaning the interior of your vehicle can overall change the appearance of the vehicle. Dyeing the leather in the vehicle in your car can be inevitable. Over time the leather interior of you vehicle can fade from the sunlight leaving your interior looking old and faded. Re dyeing the leather interior and give it back it’s look again. Giving your interior a fresh new look.

Upholstery– Our technicians are experienced in taking your old interior and re upholstering it to make it fresh and new. This can help the interior of your vehicle look great. Helping the overall appearance of your vehicle. Why just service the

exterior of your vehicle? The interior is just as important to the whole appearance of the vehicle.

Interior Color Change-Did you change the exterior color of your vehicle and now the interior just simply don’t match, and you would like to change it? Look no further! Our company can help change the color interior for your vehicle.

Trim/Parts-We can change the ultimate overall look of the interior of your vehicle. We change the color and details of the interior. We can customize and give it a unique look that best fits you. What ever you like we can help accommodate that for you. Our technicians are very specialized and could help work with you to achieve the right look.Leather/Plastic/Vinyl Repair-Leather is a popular interior used in most vehicles. Leather can be damaged in a variety of ways or just get damaged for everyday wear and tear. Our company offers you the service of restoration and repair of such situations. We can also repair plastic and vinyl problems.

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