All Auto Customs Exterior Services

Exterior Services

All Auto Customs specializes and offers a variety of Exterior Services. Listed are the different exterior services that our company can offer you.

Paint Protection film-Using this Safe, virtually-invisible Protection film is essential for keeping your prized investment in the best shape possible. Driving on Bad streets could cause damage to your vehicle leading you to pay for repair to your vehicle. Using this Paint Protection Film can help save you money. This “Clear Bra” Provides you with the best paint protection for your vehicle from bad roads,chips and scratches,outside environment. Paint Protection Film is also safe to remove. This won’t damage your vehicle’s paint.

Body Stripping/Decals-Would you like to give your vehicle a customized and special look? We can offer you the services of Body Stripping/Decals. With a film Similar to Paint Protection film we can apply stripping and decals of what ever design you like to your vehicle. Giving it your personal and special appearance to it.

Glass Headlight/Restoring–AAC Specializes in glass headlight restoration. In the old days vehicle’s lights used to be made with glass but glass was a material that could be broken pretty easily and not very durable. Today vehicle’s headlights are generally made of plastic due to it’s durability.Due to the change of material from glass to plastic, Plastic begins to color and cloud with age. Turning your headlights yellow & cloudy. This could ruin the total appearance of your vehicle. At AAC we can help you accomplish restoring your headlights to look like new!

Paintless Dent Repair-Our company’s specialist are trained and experienced to handle many different situations.  Accident’s happen and many can’t be avoided. If you happen to get a dent in your vehicle. Don’t worry! Depending on the size of damage we can care for this damage using what we call is Paintless Dent Repair.This great process uses a special machine that can pop the dent right back out to make look like new again not damaging the paint on the vehicle.

Glass and Security Tint-This is a film that is applied to your window. You can decided on which ever color you would like to use as a tint to color match your vehicle or keep it clear. Using this product will help with the safety of your vehicle. Studies show using this particular film help keep intruders out of your vehicle and can sustain against a large amount of pressure to keep the windows from shattering and causing harm to you.

Wheel Repair-We are specialized in making your damaged/old Wheel look like new again. Our Tech’s are specialized and will make sure you are satisfied with the results of service.Dealing/Touch Up– Touching up, Detailing your vehicle is a great way to “clean up” the look of your vehicle. A variety of things such as chips and minor dents can be touched up. Overall changing the exterior look of your car. Making it look like you just bought it home from the dealership.

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